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i have been running out of ways to disipline my kids i have

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i have been running out of ways to disipline my kids i have tried spanking,time out,taking things they like from them even talking to them nothing seems to work.but yet they are still doing things they are not suppose to do.what do you suggest i do?
What are the ages of them and what are they doing that you do not like?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

my son is five years old and my daughter is ten my son just started to defie me because he see his sister doing it but my daughter lies, steal,act out in school just the other day she put vaseline all on the walls,two days after that she put ink on the cxarpet wall and the tub she is ten years old and should know better to do that but when i ask her why she do it she say she doesn't know or that she is stupid,she is far from that.I had to pay for one of her school books in order to get her report card she cut pages out of the book and wrote cuss words in it.she lied about doing that but eventually told the truth.she took my check book to school and wrote a check for five hundred dollars to order cookies for a fundraiser after i had already gave her twenty dollars to order cookies.i pay to get her toes done and she scrapes the polish off her toes less then a day agter i get them done.

It could be more than just behavior problems going on with your daughter. This behavior does not seem typical for a child her age. With that said, I have two options to offer. First option is to try a behavior chart which is basically writing down rules for her to follow, write down a list of rewards she can choose from if she follows the rules, and then write down consequences for when the rules are broken. Be as specific and clear as possible and above all else make sure you follow through each and every time a consequence needs to be implemented. I say try this for at least a month and see if behaviors improve. If not, then I suggest taking her to a therapist and see if there are other issues she is dealing with and strategizing a way to deal with them. But try the behavior plan first.
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