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Hi there, Im a concerned sister in-law. My partners brother

Resolved Question:

Hi there,
I'm a concerned `sister in-law'. My partners brother seperated from his wife 6 months ago as she asked him to leave...he is the most loyal person I know, especially having to `put-ip' with her phsycotic behaviour....I wouldn't be concerned of their spllit, however there is a 3 year old boy involved who has suffered behavioural problems and only seems to be getting better since the split and since he has started pre school.
They have not sought legal advice as seemed to be able to responsibly share time with their son and organise their lives...I have learnt however that the ex wife continuoasley harrases my bother in law over the phone and it's gotten worse since now he has moved on with his life and found a more stable person!! The ex wife is so mad about his happiness and that we as a family all spend time together....she leaves horrid messages to him about derogaory things aout his famils.....the poor guy is so anxious...he's seeking councelling and is on medication, but just wants his son to be happy and feels that his ex wife is not providing an emotional stable home for him. She's now threatened to take custody if their son...I have no idea under what grounds!!!!

I just want to know if its worh my brother in law seeking legal advice? Aything to stop the
20 calls a day of abuse!! Maybe getting a mediator?? Their must something that can be done.

The wife just is not in a happy place and hasn't been for as long as they were married....3 years..they are both 32 and I know my brother in law just wants what is best for his son.

Please help...I would like to offer him some options, understand I havejust given you an if you require further info please let me know!!!
Thanks very much
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 7 years ago.
He doesn't need legal advice. he needs to set boundaries. First of all, if she is not calling about their child then there is no reason to talk. Second, if she is mean to him over the phone then he needs to hang up. third, if she calls him at all hours of the night then he needs to tell her to stop and HE needs to stick to this. She is walking all over him and it is completely in his control to make it stop. he needs to stand up to her and not accept this behavior from her in his life. It is called being assertive and setting limits with someone who is verbally abusive. Hopefully he is learning this in counseling.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.



thanks you have hit the nail on the head...although I do think their is fear that if he does stand up to her like you said, then she will not let him see their son....she's using him as a threat....fingers crossed it doesn't turn out like that!

Thanks again for your advice.