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other children at the playground will not play with my 4 year

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other children at the playground will not play with my 4 year old boy. any advice

Good Evening,


Would you please share- is he the only child in the family, does this take place every time at the playground or only with certain children.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

no, he has a twin sister.


we are not sure, but I began to worry when he told my wife that, "no on plays with me at the playground. I ask them if I can play and they tell me to play with someone else." he says all the other kids have someoneto play with, except for me. he says it's like that everyday. he gets down and says he does not want to go to the playground.



It may be happening because (the other children are already familiar with each other) or he is not as assertive. When you are there, you may want to engage some of the parents in conversations and have their children and your son introduce each other. That may be more comfortable for him and the other children.


If he brings some toys to the play ground, let him ask who wants to play with me and these toys. Praise his initiative and do not let him get bogged down. He would read your ques as to how to behave there and if he appears uncertain or frustrated, the other kids will pick on that vibe.


Ensure that he is approaching peers his own age (older or younger ones may not respond to him) If there is a possibility to get him involved in some sort of activities (day camp, sports for children, etc. that would be good to strengthen his self esteem)

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