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I have never asked an online parenting question before, however,

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I have never asked an online parenting question before, however, tonight I am losing a little sleep over what to do. For the last two years we have lived by neighbors who had two little girls. Our daughter was thrilled that they moved in because she doesn't have another girl her age around. Things seemed to be going great until in casual conversation I told her (the mom) that our daughter was adopted - no details, just thrilled to finally get her. My neighbor's husband, whom I had only met a few times began to act odd around my daughter. He would invite everyone but her into their home or when he came home from work, he would tell her that she needed to leave. He does strange, obvious, things to exclude her. Today, his 6 year old daughter invited everyone over to roast marshmallows and promptly told my daughter (6) that her daddy didn't want her to come. She then said; "you are adopted and you will just be trouble when you get older." I heard her, but I still can't believe it
I don't give a damn who he is. If he is doing this to your daughter and obviously saying things about her adoption then he is a certified asshole. You have a few choices in dealing with the matter. 1) confront him about leaving your daughter out and talking about the things his daughter said. 2) Don't let your daughter associate with the family. 3) Let your daughter continue to play and ignore the situation. 4) Just allow their daughter to come to your house and you don't let your daughter go to their house. If your daughter starts to get affected by the neighbors' actions then it would be best not to let her associate with them. If she can blow off what the dad says or does then maybe she should continue to see the daughter. If you have proof that your daughter is getting left out then I would confront him with the proof but I definitely would not let your daughter around him.
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