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Jennifer, School Psychologist
Category: Parenting
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Experience:  Collaborative parent consultation on everything from modifying behavior to child development.
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A very intelligent 17 year old has been suspended from private

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A very intelligent 17 year old has been suspended from private school for stealing. He has been stealing all his life. He is outwardly gregarious and happy. He gets good grades, but always starts his semesters far under-achieving then puts on a comeback. He has never done anything physically malicious. He does not do well living at home with his mother, as she nags and he is resistant, so they argue at a high emotional pitch. What are some options for him to complete his education in a boarding situation? He might or might not agree to go of his own free will.



at the age of 17, he has no standing to make a decision regarding his schooling other than he is of age to quit school. so if he is forced to go into a boarding school, he may opt out of school all together.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Incomplete answer.
The answer seemed to address a very small aspect of the issue. I did not think I asked for a lawyer answer.



you asked a question on the options of a minor and i provided them. if you have a folo up, please ask it here. thank you

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I wasn't looking for a legal opinion. I may have clicked on the wrong kind of expert. I was looking for school or orther program options for nephew.



i see. thank you. then i will opt out and send this to a "general" expert for help. it may take a few hours to get it moved. but when someone has an answer, you will get an email.



Hello and thanks for using!

Here is a link to a directory of college preparatory boarding schools:

This is a full directory, but a related link will categorize them for you into specific subgroups (military, all boys, Christian, etc.):

Bear in mind that the admission process will include a review of his behaviors, academic record and discipline history at the private school he currently attends and this may negatively impact his application. Should he be accepted, a visit to the school and opportunity to connect with current students may make him more open to the option. As the legal expert advised, he'll need to be on board with this idea since he could quit altogether. I'd suggest talking with him about what his options are at this point. Include all of the possible solutions that are acceptable to you (boarding school, returning to the private school, public school? GED?) and determine what path will ensure the greatest success. Ask him to be open to the possibility of simply applying and visiting other schools before ruling them out entirely.

In the meantime, I'd recommend that he participate in some counseling to address the issues at hand that are getting in the way of his success at home and school. Changing the setting will not alleviate any unresolved issues he may have (e.g., stealing) and it may be setting him up for failure once again. Again, finding a counselor he connects with will need to be a joint venture. Hopefully he'll be open to this idea and realize he needs to make some changes in order to be successful in life. I wish you both the best of luck!
Jennifer, School Psychologist
Category: Parenting
Satisfied Customers: 397
Experience: Collaborative parent consultation on everything from modifying behavior to child development.
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