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My daughter is 18 with an 8 month old. She has primary custody.

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My daughter is 18 with an 8 month old. She has primary custody. She buys for the baby.She finished high school. She's always been a rebel but no trouble with drugs. We have supported her both financially & emotionally. They live with us. My daughter is working fulltime & talks about going to school to be a LPN. Not sure she really will. We will pay for school. The baby's dad just turned 20 and has never had a job, doesn't pay child support. Pretty sure he's doing drugs. He lives with his mom. She's a bad alcoholic & has abused drugs to the hilt in the past. His mom is has supervised visits. Our daughter is to help around the house (this happens off & on) and be in by 12. She comes home from work & her & the baby are usually gone for the evening. One house rule is she can't stay all nite with the boyfriend but she's lied about where she is we've caught her. My husband wants to tell her to find her own place in 2 weeks. I sort of agree but worry about the baby. Please advise.
I would definitely set up a plan between you and your husband to get your daughter out of your house. Two weeks sounds too short of a time. I would say by the end of April she needs to have a place picked out or else she is going to end up in a homeless shelter with her baby. If you make it too easy for her to stay with you then she will never leave. You have tried laying down some rules but she disrespects you and the rules. Therefore, you and your husband need to approach her with a plan to get her out. AND you have to stick to it because she might call your bluff. There is a point where you can be enabling her bad habits and I feel you are at that point to where she is taking advantage of you and the situation. If she can't make due with the baby then you step in but let's see what she does first. So set these limits with her and stick to it. Anything else I can help with? Please let me know.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks, I believe that we've given her enough opportunity to abide by the rules. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything in haste. I think 2 months notice is reasonable.