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My daughter is being bullied by another child in her class.

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My daughter is being bullied by another child in her class. what kinds of actions can we ask the school to take in order when we meet with our school's guidance counseller at our upcoming meeting today?
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In your meeting today, ask what your daughter should do (who to go to, what to say that won't be embarrassing in front of other kids) when she's feeling bullied by this other student. Find out if there is an adult she can talk to when she feels like she needs help -- School Counselor, School Psych, etc. A plan should be made for how the two of them will be allowed to interact -- e.g., if they're working in the same group an adult is present (or they're not working in the same group). Ask if your daughter can meet with the School Counselor or School Psych 1-2 times simply to learn how to handle bullying behavior when it occurs, how to problem solve, and how to cope with the feelings associated with those incidents. Best of luck with your meeting!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

If we broach the subject of interacting with the parent of the child that is bullying our child, how should we proceed? Should we attempt to get the consellor to talk to the child who is menacing our child, and should we try to have the counsellor contact the parent of the bully in order to get her to stop? Or is that futile?

At this point I'd try to leave it in the hands of the school professionals. The bullying is happening at school and they have resources to take care of it. The counselor may already be talking with the other child and might not share that fact with you for confidentiality reasons. If this continues, they may even be holding meetings with that child and his/her parent. Know that they will follow steps to ensure your child's safety. Just as they wouldn't share the content of your meetings with that child's family, you may not hear details about the steps they are taking with the bully either.
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