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i have 18 year old daughter who is supposed to be doing online

Resolved Question:

i have 18 year old daughter who is supposed to be doing online schooling to get High School Dipolma. She completed 9th grade and started the HS program in 2006. She has not made much progress. She makes excuses and procrastinates. I have spent almost $1,000 paying for the schooling. Everytime, I bring up the subject, she says changes the subject and gets angry. All she does is sit around and watch t.v. and chat and look up stuff on the internet. She has had two jobs, one at library and one at whitewater amusement park which she didn't like. She will be 19 this week. If I don't say anything, she doesn't do anything, if I say anything, she doesn't do anything. I have offered to reward her to complete a subject but she doesn't ever seem interested or agrees to it but doesn't follow through. Right now her computer is in repair and she has been using mine. I told her tonight that I was taking my computer to work with me if she did not start her school work tomorrow. What to do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Dr. G. replied 7 years ago.
Lecture, lecture, lecture. This does not work and should be stopped immediately. Time to back up all that talk with some action. What specifically are you prepared to do to show her you mean business about either getting a job or taking the classes? Kicking her out? Disconnecting the tv? Not give her money? etc, etc. You need to lay out as clear as possible what your expectations are of her if she is going to live under your roof and if she does not comply with your expectations then what you are going to do when she doesn't. Talk is cheap these days. You need to back up these empty threats with action. She doesn't take you seriously and obviously it is not motivating her to get busy. So come up with some good consequences if she does not get her act together and then follow through with them. Good luck.
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