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I have an 18 month old who just wont listen. He is very different

Customer Question

I have an 18 month old who just won't listen. He is very different for our 5 yr old. Very stubborn, hits, won't listen, constantly throws tantrum and cry's almost all day, and will not eat his meals- but wakes up crying in the night because he is hungry. ( we don't feed him in the night.) He gets lot of attention (way more than my 4 month old.) I have tried many things to change his behaviour, but nothing is working. Like I said, he is very stubborn, he has been like this since he was born. Having a 4 month old makes it very difficult to deal with his behaviour right away sometimes and I think he kinda gets that. I really don't know what to do anymore. He is absolutely adorable, but he is exhausting me. What advice could you give me so we can fix this problem!!! Thanks!! Rebecca
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Hilary replied 7 years ago.
the important thing is to give him positive attention. He is definitely getting less attention than before the 4 month old was born and he is feeling that stress. Try to give him some alone time, even if it is only 30 minutes per day that you do something that he enjoys - playing with a certain toy, going to the park (when it is nicer out), going to a children's museum etc, take him for ice cream - but do it just the 2 of you. You are probably yelling at him more than usual as he is not cooperating and you are tired from the 4 month old.

give him praise when he does things that are helpful to you - cleaning up, getting something for the baby etc.

But you need to be firm on the negative behaviors - if it isnt so bad maybe try ignoring it - some kids act out because negative attention is better than no attention. It is not too early to start time out - 1 1/2 minutes for his age. It is one minute per age of the child.

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