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Dr. Rossi
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how do i teach my 6 year old to be aware of the world around

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how do i teach my 6 year old to be aware of the world around her, just last night she flooded our house because i told her to go to bed she did only that and failed to take into consideration that she had plugged the sink and left the water running. i would like to know how to teach her to think for herself not just complete a command in a robotic fashion. i thought detailing and breaking down the steps to a particular tasks was helping am i wrong?

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She is 6 year old. At this stage children still learn about themselves and the world and a lot of it comes from trial and error. You seem to be letting her see that some behaviors have consequences if someone is not careful. Children at this age learn by observing what others do and how they behave.

It may be a good idea to tell her to watch you while you do something and let her try some of the task herself. Encourage her to ask questions.

Making a chore or a task more of a fun game like activity versus something that would feel like schooling. Then, you can let her try. You can then let her know that you can assign some tasks for her (whatever you feel she can do like pick up the laundry and sort the colors, stack dishes in the washer, etc) and use a token economy to encourage her to be more mindful of her behaviors. If she does well, (tasks should be age related and not something that takes too long) she can earn something (whether it is a quarter or a chip or a mark on a calendar that she can later in the week cash for let's say a special treat)

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i see what you are saying and we have tried that my issue is with the progressive thinking how can i teach her to become aware why she can't walk out in front of a car not just don't walk in front of cars she can follow instructions she just doesn't think for herself at all follows commands so the leading by example is still not thinking for herself

If you feel that she is easily distracted to follow instructions and or defiant, in addition to teaching her at home, perhaps she could work with a child behavioral therapist. Learning occurs over a period. If you suspect that she is a slow learner of for whatever other reason is not displaying age appropriate behaviors and or though process, the therapist can evaluate her and suggest a diagnosis and provide behavioral therapy.
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