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My granddaughter is only 3 1/2 yrs old. She said a few things

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My granddaughter is only 3 1/2 yrs old. She said a few things to me lately that I don't really think it ocmes from being spoiled. She father owns a beautiful home and of couse she has her own room. Her other grandmother has a modest house and their she has her own room. When she come to my house espcially with er little brother; I put them to sleep first in my only Master Bedroom. GD slep on a invatifble bed and GS sleeps in a sleeping bag. and I sleep on my bed. Anyway she got mad that she did have her bunny and started to tell me that I am ugly, my house is too small, I am chubby. She is the one who wants to always come and sleep over but the older she is getting the more is notices.. I did try to explain not everybody has big homes and mine is an apartment, and it is big enough for me and ever for her and her two brothers. I do have a spare room I use for the computer
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

Is her father and mother together and which is your child, the mother or the father?

Has she always said hurtful things like this to you?

What would you like help with or understanding?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The father is my son, and they are together 6 years, all is well at home. I have been sick for the last 8 months and have seen her only once a week.....No she is very bright she has never said anything negative to me before. What I would like is to understand how she can want to come and stay with me crying and all, and then saying such negative things. My son said that she also said to one of her friend that her house was too small. I can't imagine a 3 1/2 year even being able to tell the size of homes. I explain not everyone has big homes and this is my little home and it is my Sweet Home.....As far as calling me ugly, I am 57 and do have cancer and have aged quite a bit; so I let that one go. I guess chubby comes from me putting on weight from the meds I was on
I don't know if you have told your son yet or not, but I think you should. Otherwise she may feel it is alright to say rude things like that to you or other people.

Sometimes children exspecially at that age,they can overhear things that make them think this is alright behaviour.

Just let your son know that you tried to explain it to her yourself and you don't want her punished just spoken to ,so that she understands that its not alright. Its also possible that she is just acting out, she knows even at her age that some houses are bigger than others and she apparently likes her privacy.

I would not change things around at your home, it would create more work for you and really would not help the situation, then the boy's would think you were showing favoritism.

You could try asking her if she wants to sleep on the couch in the living room,but it probably is not going to make it any better, you can't make it into a bedroom, just to suit her.

Just let her know, its not okay to call you names, because if she decides she doesn't like other people, she might call them hurtful names also and then, it will be harder for her to make friends, no one likes to be called names.

And I really feel that her father should let her know you have been very sick and that not all of us look the same as far as body weight,wouldn't it being a boring world if we all looked the same.

If you would like we can discuss any other concerns or questions you have on this.

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