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My daughter broke up with a boyfriend 4 yrs. ago in which time

Resolved Question:

My daughter broke up with a boyfriend 4 yrs. ago in which time they had purchased two dogs together (they lived wiith him) my daughter still lived at home. I am not in favor of dogs in the house. My daughter was going away for college we told her she needed to take the dogs with her. We found her an apartment that would allow her to have the dogs with her. My husband & I have paid for all her college and living expenses. She would come home occassionally on weekends, breaks, & all summers with these dogs. I have tolerated the excessive dog hair, smell & messes on floor and carpets. When I ask her to help with the cleaning of floors, smell & grooming we always end up in an agrument & she helps & things are ok for a week or two then back to the same way. She will be coming home in December from college to finish her student teaching with the dogs. I don't want the dogs here which I have told her. She cannot afford to live elsewhere. I am sick over this I don't want to lose her
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  danny541 replied 8 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

You are in a no win situation! If she can not afford to live anywhere else and you are not willing to take a stand and say,"I have had enough",what else is left to do?

There is a few things you could try, if she doesn't have the money to live somewhere else, what about a dog sitter? If she could find one at a reasonable cost, then it may be the answer to your problem, but chances are she won't agree to that, not wanting to be away from them.

Tell her she is completely responsible for them and must do all the cleaning up and walking,feeding,etc.

Its your home and you know you have the right to refuse to let the dogs stay there,you have time before December comes up, let her know, that you love her very much, but you can not tolerate the dogs any more. Put the situation back on her to have to find a different solution for the dogs.

I have a dog myself,a small one, but I would not presume to take my dog to places where people can not handle it, a responsible dog owner takes care of this, and many apartments you would be very lucky top get the owner to accept one, let alone to and depending on their size, it can be a huge factor in getting a apartment of her own.

But in the end result you are the only one who can decide to stay firm on this. If you can no longer deal with the situation, let her know that you love her enough to help her in any way, but the dogs have got to be found somewhere else to stay!

If you would like to discuss this further, I welcome your thoughts, and we can discuss it!

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And,"POSITIVE FEEDBACK" only takes a moment and is "REALLY APPRECIATED" by me!

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