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My four year old little boy has recently started to poop on

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My four year old little boy has recently started to poop on himself. It just recently started. We have figured it was just him acting out so we have been spanking him. he has been potty trained for over a year now. there are no new changes at home. We are at a loss for the reason for this, can some one please help
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Why does he say he's doing this, after all this time?

Are his stools very loose to where he is having trouble holding it till he gets to the bathroom?

Any new babies around him?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
No new babies. He is the only child. His BM are not loose there have been times where his bm have been hard, and log shaped, and other times where it is soft but not loose. His answer is i dont know. we thought it was because he just didnt want to go so we have spanked him, and even tried bribbing him. but nothing has seem to work. he has an accident everyday. and as for the past 3 weeks
His accidents may be happening because he is at that stage in life when he become's so involved when he is playing that he just dpesn't take the time to have a "potty break".

He is going in his pants on purpose,he may be just waiting too long and then he has an "accident".

Spanking will only frustrate him if this is the case. He will grow beyond this. Just remind him of what a good job he is doing at being a big boy.The times that he has success,praise him for it in a big way!

When he does have an accident let him know that everyone has accidents sometimes,and just let him know you both love him and try harder!

Also, its a possibility that one of the times he was using the potty, maybe he was constipated,and it hurt him to go, so he may be associating this with the potty.

He may be thinking when he sits on it he has pain when he isn't he doesn't hurt like that!

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