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MY BROTHER HAS 3 CHILDREN full time on his own - ages 12 14

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MY BROTHER HAS 3 CHILDREN full time on his own - ages 12 14 and 16 - he took full custody of them 6 months ago after a bitter divorce 7 years ago.r The problem is that my other brother and i have noticed that he is still living a very batchelor existance- leave s the kids at home all the time. has had 5 differrent (young) girlfriends move into the house and his priority is always the girlfriends and not the children who by the way have to councel him when the girfriend leaves . . My older brother and i have spokent to his wiife and she does not want them back as her hatred for her ex is greater than her love for her childrener) Now one of the children has been caught shoplifting and stealing from the girlfriend and is in loads of trouble . MY brother is really angry with her and cannot see that he is the problem i know i have to be honest and tell him but he does not take critism well and our relationshiop wil probably end.
is it my business- i know he respects me and loves me    donna
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

They say when a child is born, it takes a whole village to help raise them! I say it takes a full family to help!

These children are reaching out for help, and dad isn't listening.its a good thing you are!In order to help the children, first since he doesn't take well, I would just ask him if you could talk to him about some things that are bothering you!

With permission he might listen better, without getting angry.Then be gentle,let him know that these children that he helped bring into the world are hurting and crying out for love, that's why the one is shop lifting, he's looking for attention,even if it's bad attention,to him that's proof that they are loved by at least one parent.

They were given away,mom doesn't want them, shes to angry at him to realize these are her babies, that she brought into the world, him also!

They gave them life and now they feel like no one wants them.

The entire family needs counseling, I'm rather surprised that the court didn't order it,when dad was given custody. But now its really needed,before three children reach the age of maturity and grow into adults that know nothing about love.

You didn't say if you have time to be with them, or do spend time.The time they spend with the "girlfriends" even if they feel sorry for the kids, isn't any help, because there has been too many down the road,to be mother figure's in their life!

So its my opinion that you suggest to your brother that they all need counseling, with the shop lifting charges, the court may even order it, so he needs to get a jump on it now, before they do!

If you would like to discuss other concerns about this, I'm here to listen and help!

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And,"POSITIVE FEEDBACK" is really appreciated by myself, and only takes a moment!
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