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It has come to my attention that my ex husband has used our

Resolved Question:

It has come to my attention that my ex husband has used our kids as spies, and has intimidated my youngest daughter into telling him information about myself, my husband, and our home He is also trying to put the kids against my husband.
I do not like talking to him on the phone because I sense that I am being recorded, and he expects an answer immediately. He also has a way of getting information from me that I feel is really none of his business, but I have been intimidated because of the fact that he always takes me to court when he doesn't get his way. He uses the lie, "I don't get my parenting time" to get me to court. Am I obligated to speak to him on the phone, and how do I define ,"Need to know basis" when it comes to our kids so that I am not giving him information about my private life, ie job, weekend plans, etc. XXX-XXX-XXXX. Cynthia MacReynolds
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  danny541 replied 7 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

You are never obligated to talk to him on the phone at all! Let him know it is time to stop intimitating the kids and yourself, that if it continues, you will report it to the court, or don't tell him at all and just do it!

You are only to talk to him about things that effect the kids, not about any of your private life, tell this to the kids too. If he refuses to stop, report him to children services or an agency child advocate to make sure he understands he is harming his children by making them tell him private things that are in your house, and about your new husband.

Let him know if its about the kids something it is something that concerns him, you will call him, otherwise, don't call.

If you have called ID and a answering machine, let him leave messages, if its important, call him back, if its not ignore it.

As long as you are complying with the children visitation, the court will see that he is just being an aggravation, and will stop it!

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