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Hello, I wanted to find out how to go about getting my 19 year

Resolved Question:

Hello, I wanted to find out how to go about getting my 19 year old son Emancipated for college financing reasons? Is there a time frame that they require prior to submitting next years FAFSA?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  T-USA replied 8 years ago.
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Generally, only minors can be emancipated. A 19 year old should be classified as an adult in the United States and therefore cannot be emancipated.

A person may show that he is an independent student if the person:
Is under 24 and both parents are deceased;
Was under the state's care until age 18;
Is 24 years old or older;
Is a veteran;
Is under 24 and both parents are deceased;
Was under the state's care until age 18;
Is homeless or at risk of homelessness;
Is enrolled in a Masters program, Doctorate Degree, or graduate Certification program;
Has dependents;
Is married;
Was emancipated as a child;
Was a foster child after 13 years of age;

The financial aid department of a school can make a decision to declare someone an independent student. However, this apparently takes a lot of documentation to show that the student actually is independent. Because you are asking about this information, you are clearly involved in your son's life and it seems unlikely that he will qualify for a change. However, it may be worth a shot.
The following link will provide you with more information about petitioning to change to independent status:
FAFSA supposedly assists with financial aid applications for a fee. However, I am not certain that their assistance will be helpful in achieving your goals:

Good luck!

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