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danny541, Parenting Answer Team
Category: Parenting
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how do you get a 21 year old to move out and move on he doesnt

Customer Question

how do you get a 21 year old to move out and move on? he doesn't seem interested in facing reality...stuck on videogames and dreams of being the next pro circuit gamer...
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  danny541 replied 8 years ago.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

It might seem hard to you, but you need to help him and put a stop to this situation.

You as his parents go to him and set him down for the talk. Let him know if you haven't already told him, that although you love him you aren't going to live forever, no one can. Its time that he supports himself gets his own place to live, that you will help him as much as you are able,but its time to stop taking advantage and take care of himself.

You didn't say if he has a job or is going to school, so those may factor in to whether he can afford to or not. If he hasn't got a job, its time to get one, fast.

Put a time limit on it, give him enough time to get a job, his own place, and then, tell him,good luck!

I know that may seem harsh , but if he isn't trying its time for a reality check!

If you would like to discuss this further,let me know, I'm here for you!

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