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This is about my son who is first grader 7 years old and the

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This is about my son who is first grader 7 years old and the school he is attending. l was so concern about him been hold back so on Feb 26 09 l had a meeting with the principal,teacher and and we agree to test him for dyslexia and check his speech. After several intents to make them keep the agreement. He was finally tested for Dyslexia on May 08. They gave me the results in a meeting on May 29, they said he did qualify for Dyslexia accommodations for 09/10 but, he was never tested for speech. They said he didn't qualify. Later on l found out that he does qualify for speech so then they agreed to test him next school year 09/10. l feel that the school staff didn't take me and my son's problem seriously, l he would been tested right away after Feb 26, he would it have a chance to pass to 2nd grade. So now they want to hold him back bcause he failed reading and writing. Follow ae his final grades.
Reading 66
Writing 64
Math 98
Social studies 95
Science    97
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

The school is responsible to make sure that your son is tested as quickly as possible to rule out these problems. Since they did not, it would be in order for you to contact your local Board of Education and ask that they get involved to get your son the exact help that he needs.

One to properly test him in a timely manner.

Two, they need to put him in his correct grade and provide him with additional help to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

When children are put back or remain behind in a lower grade, it hurts their self esteem and can bring about a depression that is unfair to them, because of the school not doing their part!

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