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My daughter is a senior in high school and receiving college

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My daughter is a senior in high school and receiving college acceptance letters. We received a response from one of her 'top two picks' stating she was accepted to the institution for a January 2010, not September 09, enrollment. She was awarded a Xerox scholarship last spring to be used over four years at this particular institution. How should we expect this to be applied IF she chooses this particular school for higher education? AND do you have suggestions for her in the interim? What might be a wise choice for her in the Fall semester of what will be her freshman year of college?
Hello, and thanks for your question.

The first thing I'd recommend is that you call the school to ask if there's any way she can begin either in the Summer of '09 or the Fall. If they tell you they are overcrowded, etc., and that's why she's been invited to enroll for the Jan. '10 semester, call the company that issued the scholarship and ask if it makes a difference *when* she starts, if the school's enrollment availability is only open for Jan. 2010. I would assume if the scholarship is for 4 years at this institution, it shouldn't matter when she begins, whether Fall or Spring semester.

For this coming Fall, I suggest that she start taking 'core' course requirements/prerequisites for the school she will be attending, at a local community college or university in your area; first have her consult with a student advisor to find out what some of the first courses she'd take at the chosen school would be, in Jan. 2010, and make sure what she takes locally, (credits) will definitely be accepted/transferable to the other school. In this way, she can get a jump on the required core courses and not lose a semester of work before starting at the school she wants to attend.

I hope everything works out well and she enjoys a successful academic career!

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