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We are waiting to hear from Villa Nova University my grandaughter

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We are waiting to hear from Villa Nova University my grandaughter is on the defeered lis do you have any suggestions shoud her parents call the school or shoud we just wait when will they be sending out the answers how soon will it be I understand it depends on how many students have applied why do they put students on deferred list my grandaughter is very bright and attends Notre Dame AcademyHigh School
HelloCustomer and thanks for your question.

Is your granddaughter graduating High School this year, and looking to start college in Summer/Fall 2009? 'Deferred' means that if a student applies for an 'early decision', the date of that decision will be deferred to a later date and no early decision will be made. Being deferred does not meal she's been rejected, but yes, you're right, it depends on how many students have applied, how many meet their standards and how many they will be accepting. In addition, it can mean that the school is waiting for more recent test results and/or grades from the current semester, before making a decision.

If your granddaughter's parents have questions re: the admissions process, they should by all means call the office of admissions and ask their questions; asking by what date a decision will be made, will give them a better idea of what to expect. Your granddaughter, however, can write to the Dean of Admissions and include an essay or anything else 'extra', which she feels will improve her chances of being accepted, saying how important it is to her to get into this school, and why.

Test scores are also important, and since Villa Nova has high standards, although I'm sure your granddaughter is very bright, unfortunately, not all schools look at the 'overall' student, but base the major portion of their decisions on the test scores from the SAT, ACT, and any other admissions test she may have taken. The admissions essay is also very important.

I'm assuming your granddaughter also applied to other schools, as she should always have some 'in reserve', if she doesn't get into her first choice, Villa Nova.

I wish her much good luck and do hope she gets accepted!


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