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my 16 year old son has been accused of sexually abusing his

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my 16 year old son has been accused of sexually abusing his 13 yr old cousin. he denies this absolutely but she still insists it happened. I feel i need to protect him as what she is saying is life changing and very serious. she says it's all true and upsetting and can't talk about it but at school she is telling eveyone
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

These are very serious charges, and in this time and day are taken seriously, first you need to sit down with her parents and straight out ask her when it happened, what exactly was done, and ask both kids is it true, and was it agreed upon.

Depending on what state you reside in, even if she agreed to sex it may still be against the law, in your state and could carry serious changes!

If you take it in your own hands find out its true, then get both kids in counseling that way if the authorities get into it, you will be already ahead of it, and the charges may not be as bad!
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
my son is disgusted by the allegations and his body language indicates his innocence. On speaking to a handful of very close people they have no reason to doubt he is telling the truth yet my neice appears to be a compulsive liar and attention seeker(historically and known by many). She continues to talk about it at school(I am aware of this as my daughter is at the same girls school) We sat with both parties the other day boy girl and 2 sets of parents. my son asked her why she was saying these things and she just sat staring ahead saying nothing. She has lied previously about a sexual encounter which i put to her but she said only ,"i'm not backing down" She did not look at my son but kept most eye contact with her mum. I am distraught. Where do i turn to now???
I think that that question would be for a Legal expert to explain to you as I would contact someone to put a stop to her allegations or she would be faced with a slander suit or something that would put a stop to it. Would you like me to transfer it to Legal?