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My daughter has ADHD and has been kicked out of school for

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My daughter has ADHD and has been kicked out of school for taking money. She took money once from the office and then from her work study program. I was asked to withdraw her from the school. I found out that she wasn't taking her medicine and now I have to put her in a public school. She has never been in public schools. She was out of school for a month because I was having so much trouble with enrolling her in the public school system. Is there anything I can do about this at her other school who requested for her to leave? Do have some right to get her back into the private school setting? I've tried all the other schools in my area and they had no openings which is why I had to turn to a public school so she can graduate. She is a senior. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Hello and welcome to Just Answer!

I know what you are dealing with partly, my son has ADHD.

The school is under no obligation to take your daughter back, however if you can get her doctor to write a letter saying that since she wasn't taking her medication, it caused her to act with impulse not thinking about what she was doing!

Adhd children are prone to doing things without thinking first about the consequences, and then find themselves in a place where they can't think straight to go back and straighten it out! If she didn't give the money back then you must make restitution, but if it was a great deal of money, they may choose not to allow her back!

The letter from her doctor explaining the impulsive behavior may make them think about it, you could also try putting it before the school board and explaining to them.

But in my opinion if this isn't the first time, or she has been in trouble a lot, they may not allow it!

Good luck to you and if you wish to discuss this further, lets talk!
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You have helped me. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

Thank you so much for your accept and positive feedback! Its greatly appreciated!