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Charlene Hertzberg
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Early education question in New York, NY children whose

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Early education question in New York, NY: children whose birthday fall on between Sep and Dec, the grade in private school and public school will be different (at least in Manhattan) because the age-cut-off date is different. If my child aims at Private kindergarten, she will apply in 2009 for year 2010 class. If chlid will go to a public kindergarten, she will start in Fall of 2009. But what if she applys to private in 2009 and could not get in? She was supposed to be in Public already if she was in public. It means she will delay one year? The public school can take a kid who is one year older than she was supposed to start?

If she applies to go to private kindergarten to start in 2010 and does not get in, she would be able to attend public school and would begin kindergarten at that time. The only issue might be a social one in that she would be a year older than many of her classmates.

The one thing you do need to make sure is that she is in school of some sort by December of the year she turns 6.

Charlene Hertzberg

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