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I have a child in school that feels that her teacher ...

Customer Question

I have a child in school that feels that her teacher dislikes her and continuesly picks at her. I also work at that school. I feel that my job may be effected b/c I need to stand up for my child. I feel I will not be treated as a typical parent since I am also an employee of the school. What should I do?.. My child has been given unjustified extra work and punishment. She is an honor roll student that has had no problems in school until this year. The teacher has threatened her to miss FUN FRIDAY b/c the teacher claims she mouthes a word to another student. My child claims that she turned her head and opened her mouth to breath and she got in trouble. She recieved what is called a broken paw for this incident. Help..... I need my job but my child needs me.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  danny541 replied 9 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just Answer !

Has this teacher ever done something like this in the past, that you know of ?

Do you feel like if you don't try to agree that you might lose your job ?

Have you ever seen this type of behavior from your daughter ?

Was the other child questioned to see if your daughter talked to her or said something ?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
This teacher has showed behavior like this in the past with my son and also another co-workers child.

Yes, I do feel that if I back down to how I feel that I could lose my job.

My daughter has always loved school!!! She likes 5th grade just not her English teacher. It's a male and she claims he is very rude....
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The teacher said my child did not talk, just mouthed a word to another student. Therefor, he gave her a broken paw and is planning on giving her extra work to do durung fun friday. She will have an hour of punishment for opening her mouth?????? Extreme.......
Expert:  danny541 replied 9 years ago.

I would try first going to the school counselor, if they have one. It would be a real shame if she got discouraged because of what the man is doing.

I believe that if they tried to fire you, that you are covered by the school's policies, you would have to check with your local school board to be sure. But if as you say he has done this to your son and another co-workers child, I would say there may be others. If it comes to it, you could both go down and report what is going on to the board.

Then the counselor could decreatly talk to the teacher and let him know and talk about it, or better yet, talk to you both.

Your daughter needs to know you will stand up for her, when she is right and not let him get away with it. With her good grades it should be proof enough that shes not a slacker who talks all the time.

Let me know, if I can be of more help ! Or if you just have other questions !

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And 'POSITIVE FEEDBACK' would be great !

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Expert:  danny541 replied 9 years ago.
I agree, the broken paw, if she did it was enough. He is going to far, and will have to be talked to.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to danny541's Post: Thank You
Expert:  danny541 replied 9 years ago.
Thank-you !