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My partner has a daughter that is 19 years old and has a ...

Customer Question

My partner has a daughter that is 19 years old and has a baby, lives with the father of the child and neither one work. The other night she comes over to our house with my partners ex while I am alone and just walks in like they owns the place and proceed to take my things outside. I get up and tell them to leave my things alone and the daughter grabs me from behind and turns me around and punches me in the eye leaving one whole side of me face black and blue for 3 weeks now. I called the police and they came and my partner came home as well and they were made to leave. I want to know how you feel he should handle this relationship with her now because unless she makes some effort to be sorry I can''t be around her and I don''t want him to ask as if she did nothing
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Don replied 9 years ago.

Hello friend,

You're certainly correct that boundaries need to happen and an agreement between you and your partner need to make the first agreement that unless your partner is there then there is no visitation from this daughter.

If she has a key then a new lock needs to find it's way to your doors via your partner's support.

Frankly ,you are in danger if you don't get an agreement between you and your partnerand you want to seriously consider other,safer living arrangements if this person does not want to sit down with you,your partner and the father of the baby and peacefully commit to new ways immediately.

Hope this helps!