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how do I get my children sponsored for christmas

Customer Question

I am a single parent who just got laid off and need help in getting my children gifts for christmas how do I get them sponsored by a company, family or organization?
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.

Dear XXXXX AE,thankyou for your question.

Would you please let me know what city,state,country you are in and what you've already tried? Are you low income or just having financial difficulties.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Don's Post: I have been laid off for 94 days, unfortunately it's the holiday season. I am in GA Stone Mountain USA. I was in property rehab. Now I am working part time at a daycare. With 4 children just barely paying the bills, trying to keep the car running, 94 town country chrysler falling apart no joke peice by piece, its almost comical.
Expert:  Don replied 10 years ago.

Dear XXXXX, thanks for your reply.

I am so sorry this situation is so difficult for you. In resourcing for you I have found the following which you may find can lead you to some help.

Also if you have a church family let the Pastor know you really need any help and if a church member could adopt your family for the holidays it would be appreciated.

If they do not have a program at your church to help you let them know of the following:

This website has so many links for possible help you will need to really set aside time to explore,make notes so you can pursue help. You can also post a message free at this site for help with your car,etc. There really are some angels around the world who help others.

And I want to mention that since you are laid off is there a chance the company you worked for has something they are offering during the holidays? Call and ask! It can't hurt and just might put a thought in someone's head to start the wheels turning so families have a little extra help.

It is very important to sign up at your local food bank for your holiday basket as well as to ask them (and be ready to write it down) for local resources to help needy children have a good christmas. Call your local police and firestation,Salvation Army,etc.

You usually have to be approved and on a list for help .A small price to pay for encouragement and a happier holiday.

Hope everything works out A-OK!