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My husband often talks down to me or snaps at me, but I ...

Customer Question

My husband often talks down to me or snaps at me, but I don't think he realizes it. How do I get him to stop?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Parenting
Expert:  LawNinvest replied 11 years ago.
What your husband is doing to you is domestic violence. It does not matter if he talked to you or slapped you one time. You need to contact the police ASAP the next time he does any of these actions against you or else he will continue on with the circle of violence.

For your reference the circle of violence first begins with talking down, asserting power and control, hitting, until it leads to a dangerous result...i.e. death or disability.

You will give him a major wake-up call if the police pick him up. He can recieve the treatment he needs and the police will assist him in getting it.

I would recommend that both of you attend marriage counseling and he attend anger management class, but given that he doesn't realize what he is doing...he will most likely not cooperate and might get upset with you.

You need to stand tall and assert your rights as a woman and wife. Protect yourself and children (if you have any). If there are children involved CPS can consider you an unfit parent and remove them from your custody, thus, leaving you with nothing.

BotXXXXX XXXXXne: Please contact the police the next time he abuses you mentally or physically. In the United States domestic violence is taking very seriously and the police will intervene.