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After an arthoscopic volare plate surgery the surgeon

Customer Question

after an arthoscopic volare plate surgery the surgeon bandaged the hand and the ring finger so tightly that it caused excruciating pain. Two trips to the ER ignored the possibility of compartment syndrome and my wife, the next day had a large black necrotic marble sized piece of dead flesh on her knuckle. She could not move the finger, ultimately, resulting in a Reyes amputation of the ring fingers. The entire process began when she was rear ended at 55 mph and received a concussion and neck trauma causing numbness in outside of left hand and bottom of left foot. The later surgery was necessary because she fell and dislocated her ring finger. It readily reseated in the ER but had a very small piece of bone or cartilage on the inside knuckle. The surgeon (not a hand specialist) performed a very aggressive breaking of the knuckle not consistent with a arthoplasty volare plate reduction. No hand surgeon that has seen the surgical notes or the hand have agreed that the surgeon performed that procedure. Two visits to ER the day after surgery and the next day failed to remove the bandage, thus leaving the finger with a vascular compromise for 66 hrs. before surgeon reviewed his work. A large black marble sized necrotic piece of flesh was found on top of knuckle after removal of bandage. She spent four days in hospital and ten in hyperbaric chamber. Current status is that the reyes amputation has left her with an inability to move little finger at all, some movement of middle finger and full movement of index finger. Still has phantom pain from ring finger.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Orthopedics
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 1 year ago.

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I am sorry that she has gone through all of this.

However, it is not clear what question you are asking.

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