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Dr. Gehring
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Category: Orthopedics
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My brother has water in his elbow. They say that the fluid

Customer Question

My brother has water in his elbow. They say that the fluid from the joints came out because of a infection. He has been drinking antibiotics for a month now and the water doesn't go away. What can he do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Orthopedics
Expert:  Dr. Gehring replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,
I am Dr. Hoellering and pleased to hep you.
It might not be the joint but the bursa which is infected. The bursa is a kind of pillow at the top of the elbow. When it's strained (f. e. by leaving the elbows on the table habitually ) it produces water and increases in size. Antibiotics don't help in this case.
He can have the bursa removed, which would solve the problem soon. Or he can have the water drafted out and the elbow bandaged tightly. Sometimes the bursa gets well then.
Please make him find out if it is the joint or the bursa.
I wish him all the best!