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I had a fine needle aspiration did be of a lymph node under

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I had a fine needle aspiration did be of a lymph node under my chin. The results they said came back normal. But after reading them I am a little confused. Here is what the report said: Submandibular gland biopsy: paucicellular speciman with predominant debris. No clonal b-cell or aberrant t-cell population identified. No increase in blasts. The interpretation says: flow cytometry performed on a representative tissue of a submandibular gland reveals a paucicellular specimen with predominant debris. Lymphocytes (0.06%) include 93% t-cells with normal t-cell antigen expression and a cd4:cd8 ratio of 4.4:1, and 5% polytypic b-cells with lapa:lambda ratio of 1:1. The viability is 0.05% by 7add exclusion (viability for lymphocytes is 98%) while no immunophenotypic evidence of clonal b-cell or aberrant t-cell population identified in this study the results should be interpreted with caution as this is a paucicellular specimen. Correlation with morphological findings is required for complete interpretation of these results and to evaluate for neoplasms that are not fully characterized by flow cytometric analysis, including Hodgkin lymphoma, large cell lymphoma and non-hematopoetic neoplasm

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how old are you?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.

how old are you?

sorry that sent again by accident

Basically this means the biopsy was normal but it was a sample with few cells

if the doctor is confident in the gross specimen (lots of lymph tissue)

I would say it is a good result

However, if not, then you may need an excisional biopsy

make sense?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
What is an excisional biopsy?

it is where they take out the whole lymph node

instead of just doing an FNA

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