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Dr. Ashori
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My ct says no acute chest pelvis abdomene injuries but thatw

Customer Question

My ct says no acute chest pelvis abdomene injuries but thatw as the report on physician progress notes and the discharge isntruction on my payirnt doscharge says soft tissue mass
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Dr. Ashori replied 8 months ago.

Do you happen to have copies of this so that I can review it?

Either copies of the chart or CT report?

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Im not sure what happened to my orevious post seems that it was gone . I didnt get a response yet on that but heres what happenedHi, have been having pain on my left upper quadrant abdomen under rib cage. I had ultrasound done chest x rays nothing was found. One day i was palpating my self under it and i felt something like a lump. Got scared and saw again my doc was ordered ultrasound and came back normal. I requested toget h pylori test and stool test maybe its infectio. Of bacteria that came back but my doc say its all in my mind. I have a health anxiety issue for the past years.Make the story short, i came back from a vacation in asia and came down with fever congestion and feeling crappy. Ended up in ER, doc suspect i got infectious mononucleosis, or stomach problem because i have bout sof on and off left upper quandrsnt pain. My CT says normal on the doctor report. But what scared me was the ct report given to my doctor says normal while the patient instruction that was given to me says i have a soft tissue mass . I keep telling my doctor that the pspers given to me didcharge was talking about softtissue mass but she said its nothing to worry. Having health anxiety i was just told to relax and take some medicine to calm my mind.Is soft tissue mass a normal finding? How come my left side is more lumpy and my right side has none. It has some meaty i touch on the right side but its not as much prominent than the left side below rib area.Please advise thank you
Expert:  Dr. Ashori replied 7 months ago.

The good news is that a soft tissue mass is almost always normal, so as far as a tumor or cancer you don't have anything to worry about.

It's possible that the fullness you feel on the left is from a lipoma or something else similar that's benign and not dangerous.

I would say that because the Ct didn't show anything bad or dangerous you don't have anything to worry about.