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I have CML - Chronic Myeleod Lukemia, found July 2016,

Customer Question

I have CML - Chronic Myeleod Lukemia, found July 2016, history says started some time before June of 2015. I am trying to understand how to read my CBC test to understand better how to determine what phase I am in - Chronic (my phase), Accelerated, Blast - and then monitor. I am working with an Oncologist, and have read dozens of books, but can't seem to get anyone to explain the nuance of connecting the test results to determining the phase (and thus the level of urgency for treatment or planning). I am treating "naturally" at the moment, with good results (dropping WBC from 89 to 47) over the last 45 days, desire to identify the trigger point at which I switch to Chemo (Gleevec) IF my path does not work.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  khagihara replied 9 months ago.

Complete hematologic response (CHR) is defined by a white blood cell count <10,000/microL with no immature granulocytes and <5 percent basophils on differential; platelet count <450,000/microL; and spleen not palpable.