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I have some questions regarding lumps in my breasts. I have

Customer Question

I have some questions regarding lumps in my breasts.
I have a lump in my left breast and 2 in my right breast. My family Doctor initially recommended that I come back to see her if these lumps do not disappear after 2 period cycles. They did not. They are firm, and not movable. I can feel them and so can she. I have now gone for 2 ultrasounds and both times, my ultrasound results come back saying that nothing can be seen - BIRADS 1
How is this so ? I have not yet had a mammogram. I am 35 years old. The lumps in the left cause me pain, the left side doesn't.
Do MRI's show breast lumps more clearly and if they are malignant in dense breasts? What should I do at this point? I have read numerous cases where women insisted on a mammogram and or MRI and biopsy and in some cases found malignancy.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Moe Zafarani replied 11 months ago.

This kind of presentation is more common in younger females such as yourself. The ultrasound can miss it because there is a lot of cystic formations that are dense and can cause artifacts - although this is less common.

A follow up with a mammogram is most often indicated and covered by insurance companies - this would be less sensitive for the cyst but MORE sensitive for any malignancy.

Wish you best of luck and a quick recovery.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Also, at my last ultrasound, the technician mentioned to me that my lumps look very much like fibroadenomas and I could see her marking them on the screen with a highlighting pen. How come she could see them and radiologist couldn't ?
Expert:  Moe Zafarani replied 11 months ago.

correcting interpreting ultrasound images is an acquired skills, it is highly unlikely that a radiologist would miss this finding - most likely they attributed it to an artifact or another findings such as cystic disease. Diagnosing fibroadenomas most commonly requires a tissue biopsy.

Expert:  Moe Zafarani replied 11 months ago.

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