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OncoMD, Doctor (MD)
Category: Oncology
Satisfied Customers: 7998
Experience:  MD, Trained in Hemato-oncology with hands-on experience in chemotherapy
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Sorry for the language but im really worried. My girlfriend

Customer Question

Hello dr ,
Sorry for the language but im really worried .
My girlfriend made me hand job and i came on her hands then she held my hand and i forgot her hands was full of sperms then i rubbed her vagina from the outside only and she was the third day after her period ended , is there any preg***** *****ce ?
Thank you
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  OncoMD replied 10 months ago.


The situation that you are describing is very unlikely to result in pregnancy.

The fact that there was no actual penetration (or even close to it) and that she was only 3rd day after the end of the period makes this unlikely,

However, stranger things have happened, and if there is any significant delay in the next periods, you can certainly consider getting a urine pregnancy test done,

Warm regards

Dr Gupta, MD

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