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Chances of lung cancer at 37 for a male smoker due to ten

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Chances of lung cancer at 37 for a male smoker due to ten years of pretty heavy smoking while living sedentary and not eating right as i used to and a new chronic cough producing phlegm eventho it seems to be less productive now but even more chronic ? Also when I force air out my lungs I get that phlegm air mixture sound but strangely it came on pretty sudden after getting sick to my stomach from eating some type of bad broccoli which gave me extreme stomach pain short time after eating broccoli raab then I went to bathroom diahrea and then next day I woke up very stuffy nasally and with a productive cough which has improved productiveness wise but not frequency also new since then is productive noise when forcing air out my lungs , before getting sick from food is just get wheeze when forcing air out of lungs a more pronounced wheeze then non smokers but still just a wheeze no phlegm sounds
I also want to add my concern is due to smoking heavily for last ten years not eating much or right and not exercising at all compared up prior to ten years ago all due to stress I otherwise feel fine physically just have these ugly breath sounds ugly cause I'm certain it's thanks to smoking ! Mad stress which cause me to smoke more exercise none and sex the same as well as not eating or eating right in ten almost eleven long years

Dear customer,

You have a high risk and lung cancer screening investigations are recommended. A history of smoking for 30 pack years or longer will increase the risk. Multiplying the number of packs of cigarettes smoked a day and the number of years that you smoked will give the pack years. Therefore 30 pack years of smoking means smoking a pack a day for 30 years or two packs a day for 15 years.

Have you had any investigations done? Did you consult your doctor about how to quit smoking?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well about two years ago I had ct scan and some chest exray a and everything came back good aside form nodules which after follow up also came back ok
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Why did you refer me to new doctor after I answered your question ?


If it has been two years since the last evaluation for lung disease, I would recommend getting the same done again now.

Warm regards

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can I become healthy again if I now all of a sudden after eating tainted food have a productive irritating cough and also when I force air out my lungs I hear productive sounding air if you know what's trying to say ? Can I exercise and be healthy or that's it I passed threshold

Studies have shown that when you stop smoking there is certainly a reversible component of lung damage, and you can get back to almost normal lung function after a few years.

It is never too late to get a healthy lifestyle :)

Your body will thank you for it,

Warm regards

Dr. Gupta, MD

OncoMD, Doctor (MD)
Category: Oncology
Satisfied Customers: 8097
Experience: MD, Trained in Hemato-oncology with hands-on experience in chemotherapy
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