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Dr Uzaer
Dr Uzaer, Cancer Surgeon
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Experience:  I am in a Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic surgery unit, dealing with all kinds of cancer surgeries.
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I am trying to understand how to proceed with a possible

Customer Question

I am trying to understand how to proceed with a possible Basel cell carcinoma near the eye. I will expand if that is what I can do.
1. I have a possible Basel cell carcinoma at the top of the nose adjacent to my right eye.
2. Who should be doing a biopsy? An ophthalmologist (if so what kind) or a dermatologist or a Mohs surgeon
3. If the biopsy is positive who should do the surgery assuming it is to be mohs surgery and if so would there have to be reconstructive surgery and by whom. Is it best to use a facility who specializes in Mohs surger vs a mohs dr who comes to a derm office.
These of course are general questions. How do I go about selecting the best possible Drs in there fields for each of these) in my area which is central new jersey. I would travel and I am not too far from New York and Philadelphia
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Dr Uzaer replied 1 year ago.


The biopsy, the excision and the reconstruction all should be done by a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. It is always the best course of action to see one specialist from the start to the end and in your case a plastic surgeon will be the best one since, s/he can perform the biopsy, do the excision without having to worry much about the margins since s/he is also going to be doing the reconstruction. The margins taken with a Basal Cell Carcioma are up to 5 mm, so in general, the size of the original carcinoma plus 1 cm all around it is the defect, reconstruction in the area you specify can be done with a cheek rotation flap, a nasolabial flap, a bilobed flap, rhomboid flap or a nasojugal flap from smaller lesions.

I would suggest that you contact a plastic surgeon for this. You can go the Mayo clinic or the Cleveland clinic for better options.

Hope this helps.

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