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I've had a scratchy/ hoarse voice a month now. And

Customer Question

I've had a scratchy/ hoarse voice for over a month now. And for the last 7 days I've had a feeling of something stuck in the middle of my throat. It also feels as if someone is pushing on it from the outside at times. I had a chest X-ray and CT scan of
my neck and chest. Thyroid blood work is normal and I've seen 2 ENT doctors. The first one diagnosed me with rhinitis and globus. The second said my esophagus looked red and diagnosed me with GERD. I also had a barium swallow done and that dr. Said I have
some reflux. I started googling my symptoms and it took me to esophageal cancer. Now I'm freaking out and am so scared! The doctors don't think I need an endoscopy and I would be too scared to get one. Do you think I need an endoscopy. Would esophageal cancer
show up on any of these scans? Could it be to small to show up on the tests I had done and if it's that small, could it be causing hoarseness and globus feeling? Really stressed out and a nervousness reck.....
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
you don't need an endoscopy. if you get one, it will be normal, just like all of your tests before
your barium swallow study would have seen an esophageal cancer if it was there
did you talk to your doctor about your anxiety symptoms and treatment for your anxiety
without treatment for your anxiety symptoms, you will continue to worry about something that isn't there
severe anxiety and GERDs is causing your throat symptoms
you need to be started on an PPI stomach acid blocker like nexium or protonix to stop acid reflux.