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I felt a small hard lump inside my rectum. Could it be

Resolved Question:

I felt a small hard lump (smaller than a pea) inside my rectum just beyond my anal sphincter (about 1.5 inches inside) on the wall of my rectum not as far in as my prostate. It seems to be superficial and fairly only slightly raised (enough that you can feel it) but not sac-like. It is not painful, I'm otherwise healthy...It's just concerning because I'm not sure what it could be? Afraid that it could be cancer?

I'm a nurse.  It doesn't feel like a haemorrhoid....Could it be a cyst. What would "cancer" feel like or wouldn't. Is cancer typically not palpable that low in the colon?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Oncology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 5 years ago.

Dr. David :


I have read your question and am ready to help.

Could be an internal hemorroid or must an internal mucosal tag. You are 51, so you should have your first colonoscopy. They will be able to see it when they do a colonoscopy. Cancer would feel hard and would get bigger with time.

Customer :

I haven't slept for two nights worrying about this. Would cancer start so superficially and be so small or is it more likely that it's a cyst? It is probably only 1cm in diameter and feels hard or a tag, as you mentioned....

It's the possibility that it's cancer that scares me.

Dr. David :

It is more likely a cyst or a skin tag or an internal hemorroid.

Customer :

It is probably only 1.5 inches into the rectum.

Dr. David :

You should ask for a colonoscopy or an anoscopy procedure to get it checked by a doctor. They can biopsy the nodule to find out for sure. But it doesn't sound like rectal cancer to me. Rectal cancers often bleed and are hard and are fixed to the mucosal lining.

Customer :

That's great...There's no bleeding and it's not painful on palpation. No change in bowel movements. This is slightly raised above the mucosal lining but you can feel it below the lining. It is defined when you palpate it... Again it's only the size of a pea and seems isolated to the lining itself...Round.

Dr. David :

Get a colonoscopy or a sigmoidoscopy or anoscopy procedure by a surgeon or a GI doctor and see if they can biopsy it. I bet it will turn out benign.

Best of luck to you.Try not to worry about it. Be careful when you examine yourself. Don't hurt yourself.

Let me know if you have other questions

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