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Gary, You've helped me before (ignition cable was the

Customer Question

You've helped me before (ignition cable was the perfect fix) so now I have two questions about the same car ('95 Olds with about 150K miles).Hard to describe in writing but I'll try, it's air conditioning related.
1)the air conditioning works sometimes
2)got plenty of freon just had it recharged, had the dye put in it and saw no leaks
3)compressor seems fine had a re built on put on.
4)start it up on a 66F day -no air cond. just outisde air
5)turn off igntion and start again - no air cond. just outside air
6)turn off ignition and turn on again and restart and get freezing cold air with it set @ 60F
7)running down the highway after about 20 minutes of driving and the freezing cold becomes just outside air again (temp gauge sitting nicely @ 200F the whole time)Weird sometimes when you turn on ignition you get cold air and sometimes not. Kinda like a relay is coming and going off for no reason. Since the air is cold when it runs, the freon and compressor must be OK .A guy said there is a secondary fan that might not be kicking on and off at various times. It seems definitely electrical related. (the right front cooling fan was replaced 5K miles ago)Second question: been driving for months with aintlock brake and traction contol light on. Brakes work fine of course probably no anit-lock system though I suspect - really no big deal. Diagnostic code (I thin it was 149) said it was the integrated sensor line going to the driver front wheel bearing, replaced it and the lights stayed on.
Even though it the code said it was the drivers front could it be the passenger's front wheel bearing. The reason why I ask is that I remember that the two idiot lights came on right after the front passenger's tire when flat and sat flat for a few days. I always thought it had something to do with that event. The mechanic said he thought it had to do with what the unit mounted to the firewall and I ought get another unit off a donor car.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  Dave Nova replied 1 year ago.
The air conditioning problem is likely due to the compressor not engaging. This can be due to a faulty relay, or too large of an air gap at the compressor clutch. Try swapping out the relay in the underhood fuse panel first. Air gap at the compressor clutch front plate should be around .030" The ABS issue is likely due to a break in the wiring harness going to the left front wheel. Check the wiring carefully, pull off the split loom on the harness going out to the wheel bearing and look for a crack in the hard plastic sheath. Pull on the wires at this location and they will likely pull apart. Replacement harness is available at most auto parts stores.