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I am getting a troublesome engine light on my 1991 Cutlass

Customer Question

I am getting a troublesome engine light on my 1991 Cutlass Supreme. I will start the car, let it sit and idle for five minutes or more, or I can drive it for 25 miles apparently without issue. BUT once I start it up again - even if it is three hours later,
the Check Engine Light comes on almost immediately. And my gas mileage is awful. If I get up to speed the light will usually go off, but if car will hesitate, act like there is an air bubble in the fuel line, just before the light comes back on again. When
I check, it gives me a Code 33, MAP Sensor low vacuum. This started occurring, after I had the A/C repaired, and I replaced myself the upper radiator hose, which the air cleaner had nearly worn a hole in, and I had replaced the turn signal harness because
the horn wasn't working. In the process I broke a tiny green wire that was looped under the steering column. None of my schematics give any indication as to what that wire is or what it goes to, but as stupid as it sounds, the very last thing that I did before
this started is change the turn signal harness. (In doing so, I did not connect the buzzer assembly, because I have no idea what it does, and I put some shims in with the cancel cam which seemed to have worn and a shim on the blade on the signal switch to
keep it from falling over and preventing the horn from working. I can't see how these shims can cause the problem I am having)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  Gary replied 1 year ago.

that green wire is the small cable from the shifter to the dash cluster that shows what gear the transmission is being shifted into in the dash that green wire just pulls the shift indicator over for the correct gear

it either has broken or is not attached to the inside of the cluster

as for the 33 code are there any vacuum leaks at all to the MAP sensor ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well, the needle for the dash shift indicator broke off years ago, so that.doesn't matter.As for vacuum leaks - full disclosure - I broke the vacuum line years ago. A mechanic patched it but it was looped around the intake manifold plenum. Because it looked sloppy I replaced the vacuum hose, but I wasn't sure that I did it right.
I took the car to the mechanic explaining what all I had done but complaining about bad mileage. He was going to check the O2 sensor, but as he was investigating, he found a bad coil telling me that this was causing two cylinders to miss and that was causing my mileage problems.
In any case, changing the coil caused my car to run much better and it was able to climb hills much easier. But, even though I had said that I had replaced the vacuum hose, he didn't mention at all that there was a leak.I could be mistaken but I would think that if there were a vacuum leak, I would get the error also when the engine is idling and cold and not just AFTER it has restarted.But I have put silicon sealant and zip ties where I can on the vacuum hoses to try and stop them.It wasn't until about three weeks later that I had the AC fixed and the other things done that I started the have this problemI had a 54 error, on my previous question which was fixed by fixing a ground wire on circuits 150 and 155.
Then I had 22 (TPS) errors and 32 (idle air controllers) and I replaced the idle air controller and the coil, and those stopped , and I didn't have any engine codes between that time and when I had the AC fixed and I changed the turn signal.The service manual says that the code can set from a poor idle or a misfire. I've already changed the power steering switch thinking that was giving me idle trouble. The only thing I can think of now is either the crankshaft position sensor or the MAP sensor itself (the manuals suggests that the MAP sensor can cause a 22 code as well). Or the transaxle position switch?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How much would a poor connection from the battery to the accessory terminal - next to the LS electrical center affect performance like this?