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jazzmaster, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Oldsmobile
Satisfied Customers: 2951
Experience:  I have 32 years experience as a automotive tech,plus ase certified
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My 1982 olds with a 305 engine stalls and quits often. I

Customer Question

my 1982 olds with a 305 CID engine stalls and quits often. I tried re-gappinf the plugs from .80 to .045 and it helped but didn't work Well. Now what?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.

hi, first the gap should be .060 ,they found on these year motors that the .080 was too much of a gap and said it should be .060 instead .

this sounds to me to be a carb issue .

has anyone tried to adjust the air/gas mixture screws ?

other issues with this carb is that the metering rods in the carb are electronically controlled and the fuse would blow out sometimes -

this in turn make the car run rough and stall and sometime hard to start .-so check the fuses in the inside fuse box.

also,if the air/gas mixture screws are not adjusted right that too will causes rough idling and stalling .

and when it's idling look down inside the carb and see if you can see gas dribbling -that is a sign of dirt in the carb/ or air/gas mixture is off adjustment

the air/gas mixture screws on the carb were sealed and the seals have to be removed to get at the screws .

this involves taking the carb off ...jazzmaster .

let me know if it dribbles gas inside the carb at idle ..thank you

Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.

you need to answer on this post and not keep opening new questions or posts about the same vehicle and issue .please

Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.

and recheck the firing order as well..

Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.

it is possible that the ignition module -inside the distributor went bad or the pick up coil or even coil ,for that you have to check if you are getting spark at the spark plugs ...jazz..