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jazzmaster, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Oldsmobile
Satisfied Customers: 2951
Experience:  I have 32 years experience as a automotive tech,plus ase certified
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1985 Oldsmobile delta 88 307 engine w/ac.

Customer Question

1985 Oldsmobile delta 88 307 engine w/ac...Having a problem with constant heat coming from the heater box. The dash control:All of the modes work except when I put the lever in the defrost mode, when I move the lever to the left in the heat mode, its still
in the defrost mode, when I slide the lever to the vent mode, it comes out of the defrost mode, then all of the other modes work good.I took the glove box out and the cold/heat control lever is working, but when I checked the flapper door just above where
the temp lever hooks on the heater box, that flapper door does not move. Lately I was hearing a vacume moan coming from the heater box and the moan would change when I moved the temp lever, now the moan has stopped and I have full heat coming from the heater
box. The blowe fan speeds work as they should.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
hi, the heater control unit may have broken parts
for these to both not work at the same time tells me that the head unit is bad .
you may need to replace that or if you can find another one for parts .
check to make sure that there are no cracked / broken fallen off vacuum hoses at the control head and that you have vacuum at the control vacuum switch .
then please let me know what you find .
I checked on ebay and this link will take you to it .
let me know if that looks like your .
they had a few different designs in those years .
one was all vacuum and the other was vacuum controlled doors but the temperature control was with a cable ...jazzmaster
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Will this cost me more money?That part number is ***** dash control head. General motors make parts to repair these control heads.I don't like buying used parts.Is that vacume control switch mounted on the control head?I heard a vacume moan coming from the heater box and that would change when moving the temp control cable, that moan stopped when I had full heat all of the time, so that would tell me the semi-auto unit that mounts on the heater box is bad
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
the vacuum parts do bolt on ,but the problem is that these parts are not available at the dealers anymore.
I have had to actually buy a used heater control head and switch parts many times .
I have checked various sites for the heater parts and really didnt come up with any of the vacuum controlled parts .
you best bet would be
oldsmobile forums clubs on line
junk yards -parts cars etc.
the parts are still out there but are getting harder to find -and there are no repair kits(after market ) that I know of .
so while buying a used part may have it's risks -such as having the same bad parts -the good thing about ebay is that you are protected when someone sells bad parts and usually can get your money back.
Perhaps you can disconnect the control box on the heater box and see if that door moves .,also see if the heater control valve (under the hood) moves when you turn the heat off or when you turn the a/c on(if the a/c is working ....jazzmaster ..
another possible thing is while driving around see if there are cars such as yours ,sitting anywhere ,that you may have to get parts from.
I know you said you hate buying used parts but sometimes that is the only way to get these older parts that you may need ...
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I hope by asking more questions, this isn't costing me more money. Do you have part numbers for the vacume switches that are in the dash control. Also this is a tempmatic heating system, so do you have a part number for the control unit thats mounted on the heater box, Gm at one time offered a replacement vacume part for that unit. Any help will be appreciated.
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
no,its not costing you anything more ,in fact I really don't get paid until an accept is put on.
but I don't really know what the part numbers are ,however if you have your part you can see the # ***** on them so you can get the Gm numbers from your parts..
Its really not an automatic (per say) system as the newer vehicles are .
as far as the one on the box ,I dont know what the part number is ***** as I said the part number should be stamped on it somewhere .
I know it may be easier to trace down these parts if you have the #'s and there may even be new ones out there that people have saved .
there are no after market vacuum switches that I know of except for the electrical heater blower switch .
the parts you need where the same as on a lot of vehicles(gm)
so you aren't just limited to oldsmobile ,so buick/chevy/pontiac had the same parts or parts off the heater control heads that would work , I hope this is helping you .I am being honest in saying that a used part may be the way to go .
an other thing you can do is use a heater control valve in the heater hose as this will stop the flow of coolant through the heater core and thus keep the temp down.
I had a monte carlo with a/c that even when the heater was turned off that heat still would get into the car so I used the existing hear control valve and just applied constant vacuum to the vale and this kept the coolant from flowing through the heater core and kept the hot air from getting into the car ....jazzmaster ..
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
if I helped you please rate with a positive smiley face ,if I didnt please let me know why and what was wrong with the vehicle ..thank you
Please don't rate bad if the issue wasn't what I helped you with or you need further help ..
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I really had two problems which I explained, one was the problem with the defrost mode would not change un till put in the vent mode, that a vacume switch problem mounted on the dash control, iam not worried about that, the big problem was not shutting off the heat. I did some checking and I have the C65 heating system. In my question I talked about a vacume moan coming from the heater box and the moan stopped when I could not shut off the heat, you could not tell what the problem was,w ell I did some checking at the parts dept. at the dealer and on the programmer which is mounted on the heater box there is what is called a heater and ac programmer vacume motor, so the dealer found one at a dealer out of state. You also could not furnish me with any part numbers. So iam willing to pay something for your trouble, but $45.00 is a little too much.
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
I have put in a request for you about reducing the fee ..jazzmaster.
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
did the request go through ?
I see on my end that it did ,,,,jazzmaster
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How much does it show on your end?
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
it shows 22.50
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I just went to my account, it shows the original price I paid, but I don't see a reduced price of $22.50, how do I authorize this to you, and how do give a rating?
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
I reported to customer service about the situation at hand and said to them that you didn't want to pay that first price ,but wanted to pay me something and then they closed the question .
I then said to them again and asked for a reduced amount and they opened it back up .
I am going to ask them again and maybe you can call their customer service and explain to them what you want to pay .
I am putting in another request ,so hang tight and we will see what happens thanks ..jazzmaster .
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
have you heard anything from customer service at just answer ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No and iam getting tired of this, my problem is still not fixed, that vacume motor that mounted on the programmer that attaches to the heater cabanet still has not solved my problem, it did other things, before i could not shut heat off in any mode and and i had ac, now the heat problem is fixed but no ac, vacume is getting up to the dash control panel, next week iam taking it in to a garage. As far as calling just answer i will not, i had a problem with them charging my pay pal card three times, over i question.
I know you tried to help my problem, but really it didn't.
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
ok, well thank you anyways ..jazzmaster ..