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1988 Olds 98 regency: ignition coil so I did... Still no spark

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I have a 1988 Olds 98 regency that died on me the other day and would not start. I was able to determine that I was getting no spark from all the plugs. I was told to try and replace the ignition coil so I did... Still no spark. I then replaced one of the big 30 amp fuses under the hood on the driver side up in front of the air box and whalah! It started. However it is now only producing spark from the bottom 4 coils on the ignition coil that I had replaced. I figured it was defective and took it back to autozone and they replaced it for me. Now with the new Ignition Coil pack I am having the same issue. The top 2 coils are not producing spark. I am concerned that it may be the ignition module but I want to be more confident before I bite the bullet there as it is over $100 for a new replacement. Can anyone provide me with some insight??

hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help you .

yeah, there is only two things that will do this when the coil pack is only sparking from a few coils or even just one of the towers is not sparking.

that is the coil pack itself or the module ,since you have replaced the coil pack the module would be at fault..

you can ohm out the coil pack using an ohm meter .on each of the coil pairs that is like 2&5-3&6 or 1&4 the meter should read around 5.8 ohms or close to that . since you already replaced the coil pack twice the module (ignition) is bad .

you can get the ignition module checked for free at autozone .not sure if other parts stores have the tester but autozone does .this will test the module under different loads and heat testing ...jazzmaster...

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