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2001 olds aurora: dies..24/7, so pulled fuses..drained

Resolved Question:

2001 olds aurora 3.5, battery & alternator test good, car dies soon after battery charged. Problem seemed to begin with fog lamps staying on 24/7, so pulled fuses, still having problem of drained battery.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  Pete replied 5 years ago.
Hello and Welcome to Just Answer.


I just need a little more info to assist better.

Does the vehicle start and operate normally but the battery drains out after the vehicle sits for an extended time?

Which fuses did you pull to turn off the fog lamps?

Were the fog lamps staying on with the car off and key out of the ignition?

Let me know so we can continue,Thanks Pete!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The car was dead but the lamps were on, so figured they had drained the battery. Battery charged and tested, along with alternator. Drove car for 20 minutes and it died, lamps still on. Pulled the fuses in fuse box under hood (appropriate fuses for frong and back fog lamps, don't have the manuel with me right now but the block fuse is #29 and the thin small one is along the side #15) and lamps turned off, but still having same problem of dead car needing a charge and going dead now after 5 minutes of driving.

Expert:  Pete replied 5 years ago.

The alternator may have been tested but it sounds like your not getting the voltage from the alternator or the amperage from the alternator to the battery.

Check the power cable connection at the under hood fuse box and make sure it is clean and tight,if found loose or corroded then it needs cleaned and reconnected as this will cause this issue.

You may have possibly removed the fuse for the alternator itself.It is located in the rear fuse box and is labeled DIM.If you removed this fuse then the alternator wont charge properly.

The vehicle should run and stay running and the battery voltage shouldn't wear down while the engine is running even with a weak battery as the alternator current keeps things going so it sounds like one of these above here are the most likely suspects for the charge not getting to the battery.

Make sure your battery cables are clean and tight as well.

The charge feed runs from the alternator to the under hood fuse box to a post with another wire attached to this post,this other wire leads to the battery so if this connection on the under hood fuse box is corroded or loose it can cause this problem here.

Let me know if you need anything else,click accept if you feel satisfied with your answer as this is how I get credited for my time,Thanks Pete!
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