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Oldsmobile Silhouette How do I remove the drain plug on a

Resolved Question:

How do I remove the drain plug on a 1999 Olds Silhouette
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  Ivan replied 5 years ago.

Ivan : Are you trying to remove the engine drain plug?
Ivan : Your JA Expert,
Ivan : Ivan

no sorry the radiator


I know where it is and the book says to turn it with a pair of pliers but I have not been able to turn it. Is there a tool for it?

Ivan : I had a feeling. The plug has a straight flat ridge that you are trying to grab. The easiest way is with a needlenose plier. They make a tool that is basically a socket with a slot cut across the bottom of it. If you can cut a slot into a socket , it would work for you too.

It has some kind of a hole in the middle that looks to be triangular but I cannot see it well enough to be sure. It also has two protrusions that look like the would be used for tightening it but they are only flat of the side that would be used for tightening. They are rounded on the side that would be used for removing it. I have grasped it with pliers bur it will not turn. Since it is plastic I am afraid it will break.

Ivan : If you can find a socket that is big enough to straddle both of those flat parts, cut a slot across the socket with a hacksaw that is wide enough to fit over, then you can use a ratchet to loosen it

I cannot see how a slotted socked would hold to it. It does not have wings like a regular drain petcock. The flat parts are on the side that would be used to TIGHTEN (turn it clockwise) it. The other side is rounded like some or the old security screws. That is just what it looks like like the old security screws.

Ivan : it just needs to grab those flat sides. I have the tool int tool box and the store bought tool is basically a socket that is sliced across the face, basically across the part that would fit on a nut. That flat part is used for tightening nut also for loosening

It is ONLY FLAT ON ONE SIDE. Do you know what I mean by the old security screws. The were often used in public restroom partitions so that you could not take them off.

Ivan : then the other side has been broken off

no it is obviously made that way..

Ivan : You are going to have to try and tap it to get it to rotate. It will not be easy, but once it starts to move you will be able to keep it going

no, the book says it is 1/4 turn. Remember it is plastic. Tapping it is more likely to bugger it up than turn it. I was able to hold it TIGHT with pliers but it would not turn.

Ivan : It is a 1/4 turn and it pulls out as it turns. Since one side is broken it will be vey difficult to remove it. Instead of trying to get that plug to move, disconnect the lower radiator hose and drain it from that point.

I think I'll wait and take it to somebody that knows how to take it off. I'll leave this conversation open until I can find out how to take it off because I think that your answer is not correct regarding it being broken.

Ivan : I have dealt with these hundreds of times. The only way you can have a plug designed that way it would be on an inexpensive replacement radiator.

I went to the parts store and looked at the replacement valve. It has a flat top that you could grasp with pliers, or as you suggested, with a cut socket. I will have to get it on a lift and remove some other parts to get at it. Thanks

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