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GM Tech Cam
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2000 olds intrigue: the cooling system..bleed..radiator

Resolved Question:

how do i get a air pocket out of the cooling system of a 2000 olds intrigue with a 3.5. i can't bleed it out with the little valve on the radiator. no matter how hot the engine gets the lower radaiator hose stays cold. the thermostat is new and opens in water on the stove before the water boils
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  GM Tech Cam replied 6 years ago.


Do you get any heat out of the heater? What I am trying to decide is if the water pump is turning. If not that would cause the coolant not to flow.



  • Open the radiator air bleed valve (1).
  • Add a 50 percent ethylene glycol DEX-COOL TM and 50 percent clean drinkable water mixture to fill the system.
  • Close the radiator air bleed valve when coolant starts to come out of the air bleed valve (1).
  • Slowly add the coolant mixture until the level has reached the FULL COLD mark.
  • Run engine to operating temperature while adding coolant/water mixture to FULL mark.
  • After engine has reached operating temperature. turn engine off and wait for two minutes and recheck the level of the coolant mixture. Add clean water if necessary to restore the coolant mixture level to the FULL COLD mark.
  • Install the surge tank cap.
  • Inspect the coolant level and freeze protection after the engine completes three thermal cycles (engine heats up to cooling fan operation and cools back down) using a refractometer or a hydrometer to ensure a proper freeze protection of -40°C (-40°F).
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