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Car will not start. No power, no lights come on the dash

Resolved Question:

Car will not start. No power, no lights come on the dash or inside light. Checked the battery, is charged. Tried to jump and still will not start.

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Oldsmobile
Expert:  Unlimited Auto replied 8 years ago.
First thing to check is Maxi-Fuse on center of firewall. This is separate from the main fuse block which is under the dash. If you follow the positive wire off the battery, one will run forward to the alternator, the other will run towards the back of the engine. You will find it at the center of the car right on the firewall. The other possibility is the grounds coming right off of battery. Follow black wires leaving battery negative side and see if the connection where they meet the body and frame are corroded or loose.
Thanks, ***** ***** helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I have already checked all fuses. Inside the car and under the hood as well as the wires. Any other suggestions?
Expert:  Unlimited Auto replied 8 years ago.
Just double checking, are you checking fuses with test light? Make sure you specifically check the 60 amp maxi fuse. Test light "lights" up on both sides of fuse, and also 10 amp air bag / vats fuse under dash. Believe it is fuse #2e. Again, making sure with key on both sides light up. If both are ok, good chance you have a bad ignition switch that is not completing circuit to the ignition system when you turn it to on position. If you are in vehicle and you turn headlights on, does anything happen? This will tell us if no power to entire system or only the ignition system has a problem. Guessing you tried this, but make sure you check actual battery connectors for corrosion, might help to take them off, clean them real good, and put them back on.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Have tried everything you have suggested. Headlights do not come on either.
Expert:  Unlimited Auto replied 8 years ago.
If you have power on both sides of the maxi-fuse, then battery and connection is ok. From the maxi fuse, the power runs to the power distribution and the fuse panel. If all fuses are lighting up with test light, then power to system is ok. Would say ignition switch, but the fact that headlights dont turn on is a problem since they should turn on even when ignition is in off position. Please double check that test light lights up across battery, and at the maxi fuse. Any chance you checked battery voltage at fuse? Maybe lighting up test light but not full 12 volts. Sorry if getting frustrated, something not right if we have power at fuses but no lights coming on. Dont worry, we will get to the bottom of it.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The hands on the gauges are flickering down on low when you turn the key on to start. After you turn the key back off, they flicker a little bit more then go back up to original position. There is a trunk release button in the car, and when pushed, all you hear is a clicking noise, but does not release the trunk. It is as if someone has taken the battery out of the car. Just doesn't make any sense. We did have a problem last Monday when we went out to start the car. Turned the key and was dead. Got someone to jump the car and it ran fine ever since, with no problems.
Expert:  Unlimited Auto replied 8 years ago.
I realy think you have a bad battery. It might just be making enough power to tease you. Have also seen that the G.M. battery connectors will sometimes not alow the jumper cables to make a good contact to the battery because of bad ends, or corrosion that you can not see. A good test for this is to remove terminals, and connect jumper directly to terminals with battery disconnected. Have to connect at the inside of the terminal, not on the bolt because the bolt could possibly not be making good contact inside of the battery wires themselves.
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