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Michael Hannigan
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Canon mf8580cdw not scanning on mulitple wireless computers.

Customer Question

canon mf8580cdw not scanning on mulitple wireless computers. i have to hook up each computer to the machine each time i want to scan a document. this can't be possible?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Office Equipment
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.
Hello. My name is***** can help you with your question. Yes this is entirely possible because when you are connecting a machine directly to the scanner, the machine is recognizing it as a peripheral device to that computer. The scanner has to do very little in order to scan to your computer at that point it just has to scan and by default in knows where to send the information.However, if you are scanning from a device that is on your network all that changes. Printing is easy enough on the network because as long as the workstations know where the printer is they can all print to it. The printer doesn't have to know about nor does it care about who is sending it what. On the other hand when you are scanning from the scanner the scanner would have to know about all of the workstations on your network in order to get scanned information to them. Now, there are many ways you can scan to a workstation over network so a lot of how you resolve this will depend on exactly how you are currently doing it. The two main groups of methods for scanning to a computer over network is one. To store and scan by initiating a scan from the computer itself. And two. To scan or initiate a scan and store it from the scanner itself. In both of these are very different because each one requires different resources. If you are computer knows about the printer then it can probably scan in the same way that it prints. It just reaches out to the scanner with the proper software and tells it to scan. However, if you are initiating the scan at the scanner, there are several ways in which that scan can then get to the destination for which it is met. Sometimes it is done by individual workstations and then choosing the workstation, sometimes it is done by sending it to an email, sometimes it's done by scanning to a shared directory and a network. There are a lot of variables they are so if that's how you're doing it, if you would like to give me more detail about what you're doing I can probably help you come up with a system for doing it. But just keep in mind that scanning on a network especially if you're initiating it from the scanner is not nearly as straightforward as printing to a network printer.One way that may not meet your objectives as a company, but is a quick workaround for being able to scan to a particular workstation is to have the scanners software on that workstation and then initiate the scan from the computer as long as it knows about the scanner it will then tell that scanner to scan and will receive the finished scan back. This is the simplest way to do it. But if you want to be able to scan from the device itself it'll be a little bit more complicated possibly a lot more complicated but this other method should work as long as you have the software installed. Mike