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Dr Ted Manos
Dr Ted Manos, Board Certified OB/GYN
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I'm 43 trying to get pregnant through IVF. I tried two times

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Hello Doctor,I'm 43 trying to get pregnant through IVF. I tried two times so far, both failed at the implantation stage.Second time, I had 3 oocytes retrieved, all 3 fertilized. Two embryos quality was indicated to be very good and they were transferred in day 3, a 5 cell and an 8 cell embryo.My FSH was 9.7 and AMH 3.0 pmol/L.I need to know, based on these factors, outside of age, is it worth trying again?In day 16-17 of my period I have moderate pain then day 18-19 pain develops and sometimes I need to take pain killers as the pain becomes stronger. Does the pain indicate an implantation failure?Everything during the treatment goes well and I go through every stage without complications.Is it anything inside that could prevent implantation that I could also check for?Thank you.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Embryo glue was also used. I also had an endometrial polyp removed a year ago. Could anything in my uterus or a hormonal imbalance affect the implantation? I know that my progesterone is quite high generally, so should I also check for any abnormality in hormones?
Hello, I'm Dr Manos, M.D., board certified ObGyn. I'm sorry a transfer hasn't been successful but the questions and concerns you have should be answered by the experts handling the program. They need to give you statistics from their experience with IVF. Would another attempt be tried and what have they seen from previous patients. Is there a factor that can be at play interfering with the outcome. An important part of the service is giving you the odds from your providers own experience. I hope this can help answer your inquiry. Good luck with the choices you have including age which is good that you're less than 45 yo.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hello Dr. and thank you for your reply.I have already done so, but i need a second opinion. Not always the view of a single doctor is enough, for me is important to know more, therefore I have asked this question online.Thank you.
Hello again. I need to know a few things at this point. First, have you had a successful pregnancy in the past? If not, what have you been told about the reason for your infertility? The one factor against you is your age and that's mainly the eggs you have are not the good ones released in the past. Some doctors advise patients to have eggs donated by a surrogate when the patient is over 40.
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hello Dr. Ted,Thank you for your reply.No, I haven't been pregnant before and the reason for infertility was unknown. When I was younger I've been told I had a hormonal imbalance and it would be hard to get pregnant. I didn't understand at that time why. My progesterone was very high at that time and I suffered for a while of amenorrhoea. Then all came to normal. Now my hormonal values seem to be good according to the last checks the doctors have requested. However I suffer of strong menstrual pain for a few days, then at ovulation time as well, pain that lasts for a few days (don't know how relevant this is). I have been tested for endometriosis, but it was negative. I also have an endometrial polyp of 2+ cm in size removed a year ago.
How old were you when you started trying to conceive and did you use contraception before that?
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I tried in my 20s, then no more particularly until my 40s. I used contraceptive pills back then for a while (about a year) mainly to control amenorrhoea.
I've been reviewing IVF and your odds for success are around 25% and I believe the trchnology is such that it should be higher. As you age, the eggs that are harvested are not so good and even if fertilized the embryos don't implant well. Why should younger woman be more successful? Better eggs. Only some eggs make it to ovulation and it's the good ones. By the 40's, the good ones have been used up. There are many things that happen to chromosomes during egg development where parts of them break and rearrange and the result for the egg is not good. Soerm are similar and that's why there are many sperm that look abnormal and don't make it. The egg just has to be released and not swim long distances like sperm. You have a difficult choice to make but what if fate would have you conceive and you didn't take the chance. I just watched ***** ***** find out what the world would be like without him in that famous movie. In vitro is not dangerous but it is expensive. i can only give you thinking points.
Wow! It's up to you to make such a choice and defying the odds. How great it would be if you could be successful.
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