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A few days ago my wife and I visited a

Customer Question

A few days ago my wife and I visited a gynecologist/fertility clinic. Neither of us has had any children. I had to wait in the office while they proceeded behind closed doors for the exam. Apparently he put his entire hand/fist up there, not just the standard one or two finger test, which seems odd seeing that she is not, and never has been pregnant. In hindsight the entire situation afterward, as well as her reaction to this on the way home has prompted me to question this. So is this form of intrusive exam ever truly needed or normal, without even informing the patient? I have searched google, but found no answers to indicate that this is standard procedure, but I am NO expert. Please clarify.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: OB GYN
Expert:  Dr Anil Kumar replied 8 months ago.

Usually semen test of male partner is tested first and if normal women are required to undergo further detailed work up for infertility.

It can include a pelvic exam.It is usually required but it is ideal to take a informed consent of patient and than proceed for the pelvic exam.Usually physicians avoid doing a detailed pelvic examination in female patients but gynecologist are more inclined to do such a examination.

Also it is usually a practice that a female attendant or nurse is present during the exam.

Blood work like Hormone Assays like LH,FSH,PRL,TFT on third day of cycle.

Trans Vaginal Ultrasound.